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Rated 5/5 based on 26 customer reviews
"I experienced pain while standing or walking for any distance. My therapy included various types of strengthening exercises, which I continued at home between sessions. My therapist was professional, caring and an excellent communicator, thus creating a very positive environment for us to work together. I have gone to Granite State Physical Therapy in the past and am happy to have chosen them again."
Nov 09, 2018
" This is the second time I've needed Josh's help getting back into action. Both times I've found Josh to be knowledgeable, thorough and informative both in his work and in explaining my injury to me . His staff is always pleasant and professional and scheduling is very accommodating. My husband and daughter have also needed Josh and Brians help in recent years and we recommend him to anyone in need of PT"
Oct 18, 2018
"Great place for physical therapy, always feel like I'm part of the " family" when I'm there. Josh is excellent, takes the time to listen to all of my physical complaints , I never feel rushed and his knowledge and expertise really shows. Very helpful in accommodating my busy schedule and sets me up with the proper exercises to do at home in order to heal. I don't want to go to any other PT."
Aug 05, 2018
"Mark is amazing as a PT. His knowledge, ability to explain injuries, & skills truly have amazed me with the ability to bring from injured back to 100%. I am grateful for the outcome and ability to have modification that still allows me maintenance and growth within reason of injury. I cannot say enough about my gratitude and awe of outcome. Thank you very much!"
May 15, 2018
"Following a significant knee surgery, my daughter saw Josh for PT. She received such high quality care. Josh is professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to his patients. I am very thankful for everything he has done for my daughter."
Apr 26, 2018
"New to the Lakes Region in the past 2 years, I needed to find a PT that could help me with my back issues. I was referred to Josh by 2 families who he had help. Josh is a genuine and caring person that has taken the time to get to know my situation and issues. He has given me the activities to strengthen my back while at his office and at home that I feel comfortable completing. These families knew what they were talking about and now I do as well. Thanks for all your help Josh. Steve"
Apr 25, 2018
"Everyone I met at Gilford Granite state PT was friendly, caring and professional. I had K K as my therapist and she was fantastic. Creative, smart and full of energy. She really motivated me and gave me a plan for home. I have my life back, able to return to all of the fun things I like to do!"
Mar 26, 2018
"Josh was so very enjoyable, professional and got the job done! Thank you Josh!"
Nov 10, 2017
"very good experience, Joshua a very caring Therapist. I would recommend to anyone you inquires where to go"
Nov 05, 2017
"I would like to thank Josh Brooks for making PT fun! He is treating me for an ankle sprain and metatarsal fracture. I always arrive a few minutes early and he promptly comes out to greet me with a smile! Josh is always professional and makes you feel like family! His personality shines through along with his talents as a therapist! I look forward to more visits with Josh!"
Oct 27, 2017
"I receive excellent service everytime I come! Couldn’t ask for anything better!"
Oct 03, 2017
"It's not a common practice for me to write reviews. But when I feel strongly about my subject matter, I feel compelled to share my positive experiences. And this could not hold truer than for the professional care and personal attention that I receive at Granite State Physical Therapy. I have been a long time patient, for various treatment plans, and find my time and investment in rehab services there has provided me with better quality of life. It's important for me to sing the praises of my therapist, Melissa. She's a gem in many ways. Kind, attentive, open to your complaints and happy to work with you to succeed in your recovery. Melissa holds a Doctrate Degree and her wisdom and skill is the best I've received in all my therapy experiences. I would not trade her for another. I must also put in a good word for the office staff. Both Laura and Lynne are so easy to work with and treat you with professionalism and compassion. You can trust them to be efficient in setting up your appointments and working with your insurance company. They are kind women with a wonderful sense of wit that makes you feel at ease right from your first introduction. Lastly, and not at all least, is Brian....the founder of Granite State Physical Therapy. His vision to help patients overcome their pain and regain stamina has brought forth an establishment of quality care, skilled practitioners, and a facility that provides every form of modality and patient education required to return you back to your optimum health. Brian is highly educated in his field and has grown his dream into a goal he should be very proud of. Brian does a good deal for the community as well. He's the gem we all seek when we need a hand to recovery or a foothold to the community. When my family or friends need physical therapy care, my enthusiasm brings my recommendation to Granite State Physical Therapy."
Sep 24, 2017
"Excellent experience with very favorable results. Very knowledgeable and professional staff."
Sep 08, 2017
"Therapist was very helpful and informative. The therapy I have experienced has helped with my specific problem greatly. Very pleasant environment and helpful staff."
Sep 07, 2017
"Friendly and comprehensive care!"
Aug 30, 2017
"Friendly and knowledgeable"
Aug 30, 2017
"Josh was super helpful, very knowledgeable, and always attentive. He gave me lots of different exercises to do each time I came in and went above and beyond to help me find a runners training plan. I would highly recommend!"
Aug 29, 2017
"Josh Brooks is an amazing therapist. He was very accommodating with my daughter Anne. He worked with her to get back to pain-free running. He is very hands on and demonstrated exercises. We love Josh!!"
Aug 29, 2017
"Hi Brian, I would like to say how pleased I have been while going thru my PT for my shoulder. I was working with Joel who I found to be very knowledgeable and very interested in my condition. He has a wonderful personality and always very cheery thru my training. I feel he has a great career ahead of him. The staff was excellent thru all of this as well. I have finished my PT now and only need follow-up if necessary. I would recommend Granite State PT to anyone that has a problem. Thank you. David."
Aug 01, 2017
"Mark's 25 years of experience in the field of physical therapy is obvious as he incorporates his extensive knowledge and expertise into developing a program that brings results in healing. I now have exercises that I will be able to continue in the future at home that will maintain a state of good health and enable me to remain pain free."
May 04, 2017
"Great place! Very friendly staff, they've done a great job getting me back to myself 😀"
May 03, 2017
"The staff here at Granite State Physical Therapy is always very friendly and accommodating. Appointments tend to run on time which I appreciate as my time is just as valuable and they appreciate that. I will refer anyone who has a need for PT."
May 02, 2017
"Mr Scott Underwood, after a reasonable amount of time had me pain free of my sciatic nerve. His efforts helped relieve pain in the early parts of my treatment, 5 stars + for his efforts. I will recommend your Concord NH facility with an A++."
Feb 03, 2017
"Thank you, Scott. I am enjoying a much stronger ankle and core which will benifit me, especially during the winter months of outdoor activity. I would not hesitate to avail myself of your services agin, should the need arise? Thank you for your patience."
Dec 18, 2016
"Love GSPT!! 5 star Extremely knowledgeable. Very empathetic and understanding! GSPT has kept me competing as a competitive age group long course triathlete for 7 years! I've had just about every injury imaginable and Brian Verville has been able to keep my body performing at a high level at 55 years old!!! He and his wonderful employees care about every person who enters his office and treats them as an individual unlike many therapists. GSPT is a professionally run business with a kind heart! I'd rate them the best in New Hampshire!"
Nov 17, 2016
"Granite State Physical Therapy is, without question, a 5 star facility! Not only did they provide us with immediate care but they (Scott) took the time to patiently evaluate the symptoms, provide education regarding the problem, and provide high quality care to relieve the symptoms. Brian (owner) truly cares about his patients and works quickly to schedule. In addition, the office staff at both the Concord and Hooksett facility, are professional, friendly, timely with returning calls and simply amazing! Thank you for all you do!"
Oct 19, 2016

Patient Testimonials

Hi Brian,

Once again I need to rave about Kelly. I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me that I can call there when I am in agony and Kelly is always able to fit me in and straighten me out. What a wonderful reflection on your business! She is truly gifted and you “did good” when you hired her – that is not to say that everyone there isn’t wonderful and gifted. Between the convenience of your location, the quality of your staff and the services that you provide, I can unequivocally say that you set and adhere to the highest standards of any business that I know of. Please feel free to use me as a reference if you ever need one.

Take care,

Hi again Brian,

I can honestly say that in the 8 months that I’ve been coming there, I have not experienced one negative thing. I know I’ve convinced you that I think Kelly is super special, but that really goes for everyone there. Laura is so incredibly bubbly, pleasant and knowledgeable – she even knows it’s me when I call without having to tell her. Even when she is engrossed in her billing work or something on the computer, she still looks up with a big smile and devotes her full attention to you. Again, I have to say that she too is a very positive reflection on the business – I guess you could call her an “ambassador” since she is the person you speak to when you call and the first person you see when you walk in the door. The other Kelly is also wonderful and although I rarely see her, she always treats me like a familiar customer. It’s so nice to be treated with respect and kindness – sadly, that’s not always the case these days. I’m so impressed by your success and by the exceptional team that you have assembled – I can say that “I knew him when…” – and I have never had a problem with my shoulder since I saw you 15 years ago – you saved me from surgery.

Thanks again for everything – my back feels so much better, something I never believed could happen. I feel so lucky that I found you guys and it is just so convenient for me. I frequently try to convince people to go for p.t. and always recommend Granite State – if you ever need a testimonial from a happy customer, feel free to contact me!

Take care,

Ally was great and very professional! Hope I never get hurt again but if I do I know where I will be going!

David P.

The staff here is the best. The make you feel at home and the atmosphere is very positive. They are fun and professional. I would recommend this place to anyone needing Physical Therapy. I will miss the staff there when I no longer need Physical Therapy.

Michael A.

It’s always good to go to G.S.P.T. Upon opening the door sits Kelli, always offering a smile or lending an ear with compassion. My therapist Scott, is the best. You feel like he really cares about his patients. Warm atmosphere!!

I first went to have P.T. at another facility and did not find it to be a pleasant experience!!! At that time I found G.S.P.T. and started P.T. with Scott for a frozen shoulder. He was kind and understanding of the pain I was experiencing. He helped get me well. After rotator cuff surgery in June 2010, I asked the specialist to send me back for my PT to G.S.P.T. Once again, Scott is on a journey to help me heal.

Dayle W.

Area’s most knowledgeable PT: Brian Verville is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of PT – he is compassionate and very accomodating to patient’s schedules. I would definitely recommend Granite State PT for all your PT needs.


I agree with the first post. Very knowledgable and works with your schedule. Also a great personality with everyone I saw him work with as well as myself. My experience was excellent and I would refer him to anyone. And lastly he is very generous to the community helping with sponsoring sports teams and other needs. Thank You Brian!

Coach Jay

I am definitely recommending Scott Underwood to anyone I meet needing physical therapy. He is very knowledgeable and professional. My doctor recommended him after a nasty, painful shoulder surgery back in February. I know my recovery was expedited by the great care I received at Granite State. Scott empathized with me and kept me moving. Keep your pain level in check, do the exercises, strengthen your body, cry when necessary and you will survive. I am four months post surgery and this mama PAINLESSLY hit 13 out of 15 softballs in the batting cages last night! I’M BACK!