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Daily stretching can be a great way to improve your health and even your mood, but many people don’t stretch on the regular!

Stretching not only strengthens your muscles and increases blood flow to your joints, but it also improves your posture and relieves stress by helping you relax. Here are 4 questions to consider about daily stretching!

1) Why Is Stretching Important? 🙋‍♂️

Personal wellness and health are important for a life of longevity. When you feel good, you are more likely to make healthy choices.

Healthy choices lead to a healthier lifestyle. A healthier lifestyle can add years to your life. In addition, when you take care of your body, in return it will take care of you!

2) Who Can Benefit From Daily Stretching? 🌎

People from all age ranges can benefit greatly from implementing daily stretching into their daily routine. Stretching can help mitigate tight muscles and joints that are left to stagnate from things such as sedentary lifestyles, not exercising enough, and general aging.

It can also help lower the risk of work-related injuries. If you have any specific concerns, be sure to talk to your doctor or physical therapist before starting a stretching routine.

3) What Is The Ideal Time To Practice Stretching? ⏳

A lot of people think that stretching is only important before or after physical activity, but that’s not necessarily true. Physical therapists recommend stretching at different times throughout the day in order to avoid injury and keep your body feeling good.

You know what they say, prevention is the best cure, and daily stretching can help decrease the risk of personal injury and increase your overall health.

4) What Are Common Results From Not Stretching? 🤕

When you don’t stretch, your muscles can become tighter and less mobile over time. Your body in general becomes accustomed to not exerting itself so your posture and range of motion suffer.

Range of motion is critical in ensuring a good quality of life. Lack of stretching can lead to health risks such as lower back pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain amongst others. With everything considered Granite State Physical Therapy highly recommends our patients start implementing daily stretching into their routine!


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