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In our physical therapy business, we are constantly on the hunt for innovative technologies that can give our patients the finest care possible.

We are pleased to announce that our treatment options now include the cutting-edge LCT-1000 Therapy Laser. By offering a potent and non-invasive method to completely or significantly relieve pain, this ground-breaking therapy laser created by LiteCure Medical raises the bar for drug-free pain relief.

The LCT-1000 Therapy Laser’s Power ✨

A revolutionary tool in the field of pain management is the LCT-1000 Therapy Laser. With the help of this cutting-edge laser technology, we are able to target deep tissues with astounding accuracy because of its special blend of power and precision. The LCT-1000 laser penetrates the skin to the afflicted area by using particular light wavelengths, stimulating cellular activity and fostering spontaneous healing.

LCT Therapy - Granite State Physical Therapy

The Process of Therapy πŸ“

You will be guided throughout the entire therapy procedure by our skilled physical therapists. The LCT-1000 Therapy Laser will send a focused beam of light to the wounded or uncomfortable area during each session.

When photons of light interact with injured cells, energy generation and blood flow to the area are stimulated.

The majority of patients find the therapy to be peaceful and calming, and it is absolutely painless. The LCT-1000 Therapy Laser can start a series of healing reactions in your body within minutes, lowering inflammation, reducing pain, and preparing the groundwork for a quicker recovery.

Pain Relief that is Effective in Fewer Sessions πŸƒ

The extraordinary efficiency of the LCT-1000 Therapy Laser in a brief treatment period is one of its key benefits. Many patients have life-changing outcomes in just five to ten quick sessions. You can regain mobility and reclaim your quality of life without using drugs or intrusive procedures by having your pain reduced or eliminated.

Treatment for a Wide Range of Conditions πŸ’ž

The LCT-1000 Therapy Laser’s adaptability makes it suited for treating a variety of illnesses. This therapy can be customized to match your unique needs, whether you have chronic pain from arthritis, are recovering from a sports injury, or are experiencing post-surgery discomfort.

Granite State Physical Therapy - LCT 1000

After the Session, the Healing Continues πŸ™Œ

The therapy sessions themselves are brief, but the therapeutic effects of the LCT-1000 Therapy Laser go much beyond the treatment area.

Your body will continue to mend and restore itself even after the laser treatment because it can encourage cellular regeneration. Part of what makes the LCT-1000 Therapy Laser so potent and revolutionary is its sustained therapeutic effect.

Plans for Individualized Treatment βœ…

We employ a tailored strategy in all of our therapies to make sure you get the finest care possible. Our knowledgeable physical therapists will evaluate your health and medical background to create a personalized treatment plan that effectively uses the LCT-1000 Therapy Laser.

Take the First Step Toward a Future Pain-Free πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ

Do not let suffering rule your life. Accept the cutting-edge LCT-1000 Therapy Laser as your entry point to pain relief without the use of drugs. Our devoted team is prepared to walk alongside you as you make the transition to greater health and well-being.

Contact us right now to set up a consultation if you’re ready to benefit from the LCT-1000 Therapy Laser’s transforming potential. Together, let’s unleash your body’s ability to heal and give you the pain-free life you deserve.

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